About Us

Founded in 1987, with over then 35 years of experiences delivering our very best in quality product and services, we aim to be the best partner for your business.

We believe that good things dont come easily , taking one step at a time and gaining experiences along the process will make us stronger day by day. Using that phylosophy as our guideline and the willingness to learn, we challenge ourselves to the limit on every project trusted to us.

With hundreds of projects in our resume, we have learnt to adapt and cooperate with our partners. Advising the best solution for the project and targeting a win-win solution for all sides.


Be the best contender within the segments, by providing solutions to customers.


Mutual growth of AJLS and Partner from mutually beneficial long term business relationship that are built from good communication and confidence.

Experiences are range of empirical facts that is believed as ‘good teacher’ and the key to all knowledge.

Provide Real Results

Has helped various business sectors, such as banks, retail, transportation companies, telecommunications, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc. Either facilitating private property or government property.

Fully Committed

We work 100% to take care of and fulfill customer needs and satisfaction. Committed to working hard and ensuring success on every project.

Maintaining Trust

We always maintain long-term relationships. Not just to be a business partner. But also to be a reliable partner in all customer needs at all times.

Best & Flexible Solution

As a corporate partner we listen, adapt and provide the best solution to meet needs. So we can create good, cost-effective and functional business relationships.


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